Constipation Cures

SIMPLE & NATURAL Treatment for Constipation – REMEDY for Constipation
Learn this natural treatment for constipation and you will feel so much better. This natural cure for constipation is simple, easy and free for anyone to use. If you’re looking for a natural remedy for constipation this is the best video on Youtube.
1. Do cleansing for a constipation treatment and cut out the wheat and dairy first!
2. Eat carrots. That’s the best food for constipation cure for sure!
3. Use a squatting toilet seat for a constipation treatment as that helps with releasing the muscle that controls the bowels and helps prevent diverticulitis and prolapses.
4. Do abdominal massage for constipation too. Self massage manually moves the poop right along to help you to go regularly.
Herbs can help as well as homeopathy but herbal formulas, remedies and supplements are all secondary to the methods described in this video.