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How to Cure Constipation Fast

Water Is A Must

If you have gone for weeks without drinking water, then you become dehydrated and
constipation occurs. The primary solution is to drink six to eight glasses of water daily until
the condition improves. During this time do not consume soft drinks, coffee or bottled sugary
fruit juices because they irritate constipation. 60% of your body is made of water and as you
increase your water intake, your intestines are softened and food becomes easier to pass through
the digestive system. If it’s a hot summer day and you’re outside, keep plenty of cold water with
you. If it’s hard for you to drink water, sprinkle lemon or pineapple juice into the water then
freeze it for thirty minutes. Make sure your children drink water daily so that they will not
become constipated. Even if it’s early in the morning drink the water instead of your morning

Boost Fiber in Your Diet

Fiber is essential in relieving constipation and you want to eat these high fiber foods on a
regular basis; oranges, apples, tangerines, potatoes, beans, carrots, broccoli, oatmeal, brown
rice, and a variety of nuts and nut butters. Another option is to drink powdered fiber beverages
For the duration of your constipation stay away from non-fiber foods and instead eat only the
fiber rich foods so that you can heal quickly from the constipation. As you increase your intake
of fiber, you’ll gradually have an easier time passing bowel movements. Drink water before and
after you eat fiber rich foods so that you can speed up the recovery process. If you don’t cook a
lot, purchase some low carb cookbooks since they offer recipes with high fiber ingredients.
Combine the fiber rich fruits with yogurt because yogurt contains probiotics and they’re good
for regulating the digestive system.

Don’t Go Overboard With Laxatives

Some people use laxatives to treat constipation but remember that this is supposed to be a short
term solution and if you go a long time without succeeding in constipation relief after taking a
laxative, you should stop taking laxatives and visit the doctor. You shouldn’t rely only on
laxatives to relieve constipation because this prolongs constipation. It is better to combine
laxatives with a balanced diet that contains water and fiber rich food as this is a safer way to
relieve constipation. You can use laxatives while traveling if you’re not able to eat fiber rich
foods at that time. If you have children don’t give them laxatives because the dosage may be too
strong and there are children’s constipation medicines you can give your kids. Look for
laxatives that have all natural ingredients since these medicines heal your condition without the
added ingredients.

Add Oils To Your Diet

Oils are also a great way to relieve constipation because they act as a lubricant for the stool and
this makes the bowels easier to move around. Add olive oil to your hot tea along with a little
honey and you can also add it to your vegetable soups and cream sauces as a way of getting rid
of constipation. The good thing about olive oil is that is that it doesn’t cause negative side
effects. Another kind of oil for constipation is castor oil and here is how you can use it. Take a
few sips of castor oil in the morning and again at night. You don’t want to give this oil to
children under age 10 because it could upset their digestive system. It should be a few hours
before you see real results. You can take this oil for at least a few days until the constipation
ends but if the oils are not working, talk with your doctor to get solutions.

Bring Herbs in Your Diet

Instead of purchasing over the counter medications for constipation, use herbs to relieve the
condition. Cascara sagrada and senna are good herbs for constipation but keep in mind that
these herbs may cause stomach cramps. Plantain herbs work for constipation because they
cause a bulk in fecal production, leading to an end to constipation. You can also take burdock
root for constipation relief and licorice is also a good choice. Another idea is to take tamarind.
Aloe can be used to get rid of constipation and you can drink a little aloe vera juice.
Dandelion root is another good choice. Many of these herbs can be used in teas or in fruit
juices as well as water in general. There are also suppplements that contain these herbs and you
should take them according to package directions. If you’re buying herbs online, be careful
since some online retailers sell fake versions of the herb.

Take Probiotics

The reason you should take probiotics to relieve constipation is because they contain the good
bacteria that make the digestive system operate better. Yogurt is a good source of probiotics
but there are other sources of probiotics such as sauerkraut, dark chocolate, pickles, kombucha
tea and tempeh, which is similar to tofu and ideal for vegetarians. When you make fruir salad,
add yogurt and crushed mint leaves to it so that you’ll get your intake of probiotics. Make a
soup with sauteed sauerkraut and other vegetables if you need constipation relief. There are
also probiotic supplements available but like laxatives, don’t go overboard in taking them. You
want to take probiotics for a period of days because this is the fastest way to get results and heal
from the constipatuon.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Another good remedy is to use apple cider vinegar for constipation because it restores flora to
the gut and this leads to constipation. You can buy apple cider vinegar at most supermarkets
and drugstores, and it is best to drink it with a third cup of water. When you make vinaigrette
for your salad, include apple cider vinegar in your recipe to get constipation relief while
eating healthier foods. If you’re making homemade apple juice for children, throw in a few
teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. The good thing about this vinegar is that it also relieves gas.
This remedy doesn’t take a long time to give good results and after you use it, you should be
free of the constipation within a few hours or the next day. If you want to avoid getting
constipated in the future after using the apple cider vinegar, you should drink more water and a
good idea is to drink it with a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar.

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Click here for more information on the Renew Life Cleanse.